Unveiling the Minimum Order Quantity Maze: A Definitive Guide to Chinese Manufacturing Realities

We will be in a position to design packaging for you. This means appropriate fit-for-purpose packaging and not the cheapest packaging most suppliers go for. Depending on what you require, we can design packaging with coloured photos or artwork on their to simply no-frills packaging designed to protect.

This also extends to crate designs – which heavily relies on total numbers just before a container arrives to get packed. This is a critical component as it means that the crate must adequately support the products in order that they don’t fall apart when it reaches Australia.

The vast majority of Chinese suppliers have little appreciation for proper crate packaging simply because most containers are offloaded in China using a very large number of labourers. It makes sense in China to do it this way as manual labourers are cheap to employ. We have taken incredible efforts to change attitudes by showing that offloading a container in Australia comprises only a forklift driver and potentially a single spotter.

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