Why use a China Steel Fabrication sourcing agent?

China custom Manufacturing

– Access to smaller metal fabricators who do not export directly to Australia.
– Smaller manufacturers are more open to bespoke manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing

– Existing relationships with smaller manufacturers in smaller volumes

Competitive prices!

– Fabrication of steel products in China creates opportunities for better margins.
– Products with a high labour component benefit the most by manufacturing in china.

Packaging Design

– We recognise that properly designed packaging contributes to better transportability and protection of your products.
– Helps make offloading & warehousing easier and in compliance with OHS guidelines!

IP Protection

– Better protection of your IP by ensuring that no single supplier has your full assembly drawings

Machinery & Consumables

If there is space in the container, why not procure your consumables from China directly? Most of the equipment you buy in Australia comes from China anyway!
– Linishing machines, band saws, welding kits, industrial fans etc.
– Flap discs, belt sanders, welding screen etc

Work with Designers

– We work as an extension of your design team
– Both CAD & Solidworks for easy integration
– Drawings are bi-lingual

Independent Quality Assurance Checks

– Local China-based inspection teams conduct both announced and unannounced checks
– Final payment to manufacturer is dependent on a QA check

What types of steel fabricated products do Manufacturers source?

Inner Containers for Security Safe Deposit Lockers (sheet steel, bending, folding, powder coating)

Bespoke steel fittings (castings, polishing, linishing)

Security Doors for Prisons

Bespoked machined components

Bespoke intricate laser cut panels

Bespoke sterile stainless steel racking for a hospital client