Innovating, Developing and Manufacturing New Products in China

Bridge the gap between Vision and Creation.

Turning ideas into reality is tough. We get that.

At Sourceworxs, we specialize in taking your ideas and transforming them into ground-breaking products. We’re a dynamic team of industrial designers and engineers. We operate seamlessly across borders, with offices in both Australia and China. Our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between vision and creation by offering comprehensive services from concept development through design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Our Expertise in a Nutshell

Innovation is at the heart of every successful business.

Navigating the complex landscape of product development and offshore manufacturing can be challenging. Whether you’re a startup seeking to disrupt the market or an established business striving for the next big thing, we understand the hurdles you face. Sourceworxs is here to provide solutions.

Challenges We Address


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Some examples of the products which we help to design, innovate and manufacture

Specialist tools for the building industry.

Our client had invented a new innovative product which allowed a more efficient method of installing a major building structural component. This new tool allows a single person to undertake this task safely when compared to the previous method requiring 2 different tradespersons.

SourceWorxs helped our client further refine his design by reducing the reliance on jigs and tooling, used standard off-the-shelf components for items such as handles and caps, removing the need to develop new moulds and reduced the size and weight of the unit to comply with OHS guidelines and more efficient freighting.

Unique Medical Device

We helped our client design a new specialist medical device which allowed the transfer of electricity in a safer and more efficient method. This device was difficult to manufacture as it was not a product in the mainstream and was produced in small quantities.

SourceWorxs was able to help our client set up production facilities with a specialist medical equipment manufacturer following a period of designing and testing prototypes.