Quality Assurance

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We could probably write a book on Quality Assurance in the context of Chinese manufacturing – and probably make more money on the speaking circuit!

QA with respect to Industrial Products is not easy, particularly if the product is new or if the supplier manufacturing it is new to producing it.

We have worked very hard over many years in developing a culture of quality amongst our staff and manufacturers. Some of the things which we do include:

a.Working with the manufacturer from the very start in establishing very clearly what the expectations of quality are. This is not an exercise which is focused on just one product but needs to encompass other peripheral elements such as product packaging, how a container is packed and instruction manuals.

b.Employing team members who have engineering and manufacturing backgrounds as they have a better appreciation for quality expectations.

c.Addressing quality issues early when they get detected – this is only possible because we have the ability to conduct on-the-site-inspections at different milestones during a manufacturing process.

The value of constant supervision cannot be underestimated! Particularly with suppliers whom we have no prior relationship with. With suppliers whom we know well, it is in their best interest to keep us happy but you can be sometimes surprised what they try to do when the opportunity presents itself!

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