We encourage our clients in Australia to visit suppliers under consideration prior to making a decision and as part of an on-going business relationship.

Understanding foreign production environments is key to establishing long term rapport with the suppliers whom you engage with. These are challenging environments as many of these suppliers operate under a sometimes vastly different cultural environment. Most suppliers do not even speak with the same language, have different expectations to quality, operate under a different set of norms and in some cases may not appreciate why you need things done in a particular way.

At Sourceworxs, we see ourselves as bridging that gap.

A factory visit helps with the following:

  • Provides you with a first-hand view of the factory which produces the product you are hoping to purchase.
  • Helps establish a sense of personal relationship between yourself and key people manufacturing your product. In most cases, this will involve the owner of the factory and the owner’s family members.
  • Manufacturers in many low labour cost countries ‘operate old school’. The relationships you establish with them help with reducing lead times, improve understanding of your requirements and contribute towards better outcomes when problems arise.
  • Opens the possibility of you viewing other suppliers in a particular region or area as you expand your product range.
  • Allows you to be be aware of the types of risks associated with each supplier and the context of their operations.
  • Creates opportunities for you to increase your product range with very little effort on your part.