There is little stopping someone determine on copying your idea but there are plenty of risk mitigation strategies which can be put in place to discourage and minimise opportunities to copy or exploit an idea.

It’s not uncommon for our clients who engage with us to request that we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. At Sourceworxs, we value and respect the efforts invested into developing innovations created by Australian entities. We would be discussing matters such as Patents, Trademarks and Design Registrations with you and will point you to  affordable options to take out protection which suits your needs and budget.

In addition to this, we do engage in the following practices to minimise exploitation of your design:

  • Before we hand over any of your designs to a factory, we will often get them to sign a custom Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is critical that this document is drafted in the language and terminology of the country in which this factory is located in. This ensures that any agreement is legally enforceable in this country.
  • We do not send whole products to a single factory unless we really have to. As a standard practice, most parts are often broken down and distributed to a range of unrelated factories which will not easily work out what the product is as drawings issued are largely devoid of assembly drawings. This practice may take a little more maangement time but over the longer term provides some better assurance to our clients that their IP is properly protected. Products can then be assembled in a trusted third party warehouse such as the one we have or back in Australia. Whichever method suits you, we will work with you to establish a level of IP protection that you feel comfortable with and allows you to manufacture confidently in these lower-cost countries.
  • We do not list nor reveal who our clients are in any of our marketing material. This means that an overseas based factory is unable to track down your competitors to offer a similar product directly to them.