If you’ve had any experience in dealing with Chinese and South-East Asian manufacturers, you’ll realized very quickly that manufacturers are mainly interested in producing product in volumes they’re happy with. This makes it difficult across a number of key areas for most clients:

  • When you need a manufacture a new product and can’t guarantee a ‘minimum order quantity’ yet – simply because you need to test the market.
  • When you genuinely can only sell in smaller quantities because your market is small.
  • When you need one-off pieces as prototypes or ‘proof of concept’.

At SourceWorxs, we understand these challenges.

Getting a manufacturer to produce a small number of samples to “test the market” is never easy. Most manufacturers won’t give you the time of day when it comes to this sort of thing simply because it doesn’t benefit them. In our case, our relationships with these suppliers is what makes the difference.

To do this we will need to match a suitable supplier with you first as part of our due diligence. Prototyping forms a critical step in this process before a small number of items can be manufactured, which in turn also acts as a test run to further ensure that the selected manufacturer is right for you.