If you’re reading this section, you would have experienced or heard horror stories about the poor quality of imported product before. Receiving product which is of poor quality can be financially devastating and operationally disruptive. Customers who learn the hard way are usually the ones who first discover about poor quality when it turns up in a container and after the shipment’s been paid for.

By that time, it’s often too late to do anything.

Quality Control starts at the very beginning of any engagement we have with you. We will ensure that your expectations of quality are communicated very clearly to the manufacturers from the very start and reinforced at key milestones. Getting the right manufacturer to produce your product is critical as the culture of quality is fundamentally different across different factories, let alone any of these countries we operate in. This is done largely though quality drawings, the constant presence of QA inspectors and superior communications skills.

Prototypes and samples are critical. Nothing gets programmed into a manufacturing run until you have signed off on a sample that you’re happy with.

This means an actual sample in your hand, not a photo.

Part of quality control includes our team members on the ground visiting the factory designated to produce your product. For a product which has never been manufactured before or if the manufacturer is someone we have not dealt with before, it’s not uncommon to have enhance levels of scrutiny at different stages of the product’s manufacture.

The idea is that if we need to be there to check on the whole process until the product is packed and loaded up into the container, we’ll do it.