If you’ve been importing products from overseas before, you’ll realised very quickly that getting consistent quality of product isn’t easy. Your final product may be made of many different components. There are packaging considerations, instruction manuals and freight to consider. Once the product is packed in a container and arrives in Australia, getting a refund or rectification for any defect is near impossible.

At SourceWorxs, our approach is simple.

We have qualified staff across most parts of China who can easily pop into a local factory to check on the progress of your product. Most of our staff have previously worked for manufacturers originating from western developed countries and are in a position to meet quality expectations. But we generally don’t wait until it gets to the stage where the manufacturer has already produced scores of your product. Quality control is set up right from the start. At the time when designs are being formulated, drawings are cross checked and when samples are first being developed.

Our relationships with many manufacturers were forged across many years, some measured in decades. These manufacturers depend on us to continue promoting their capabilities overseas. This means that they’re motivated in meeting expectations.