It’s not uncommon for us to design packaging for our clients. This means that the supplier isn’t relied on to pack your product in the cheapest possible way and potentially increasing the risks of damage en route to your site in Australia.

It is unfortunate but a lot of manufacturers from lower labour cost countries simply do not appreciate the criticality of properly packing the products which you have ordered. A culture of continually seeking to push cost down which helps in the overall scheme of things is also the key driver towards efforts to reduce cost of packaging.

Manufacturers from lower labour cost countries have little appreciation for complying with Australian OHS requirements. Many are not aware that unpacking a container may  involve only a single forklift driver and spotter instead of hordes of labourers doing the same. The sometime lack of appreciation that pallets need to support loads properly is driven by the lck of understanding that most stock is kept high on pallet racks in warehouses using forklifts.

At SourceWorxs, our solutions may include the following:

  • Assist in running containerisation exercises to ensure that we maximize the capacity of the shipping container with stock.
  • Design packaging, pallets and crates and inspecting their quality.
  • Ensuring that a SourceWorxs employee is physically present watching and supervising the actual packaging of the products into the container before the door is closed and locked.