We’re all know that getting a sample forms a critical step before you embark on selecting a suitable supplier.The question is: “What happens when the sample you need first requires a mold?”

For a selection of industrial parts, a mold forms the only way a part can be produced cost effectively. But how do you settle for a particular supplier if you’ve never worked with that supplier before or have established the quality of the part being produced? Making a mold (even one made in China) can be expensive so it pays to have a think about what to do next.

There are some options before we get to that stage.

Option 1:

If a part allows for it, 3D printing can be done as a way to check the part. We can 3d print the part you require and send that on to you reasonably quickly.

Option 2:

We can get the supplier to create a part using CNC machining. This can be useful for parts on very small numbers, ie, twos and threes. This also allows a number of samples variants to be done.

Option 3:

We assess the quality of parts similar (or as closely as possible) to the product you intend to produce by the supplier being considered, make a judgement call to fabricate a mold in order to produce the part.

In this case, we will have negotiated with the supplier to ensure that the mold remains the property of your company. In some cases, we have reached an arrangement with the client that we retrieve the mold to be stored back at our warehouse for safekeeping until such time the next run needs to happen just to ensure that we protect your interests!