The COVID pandemic drove home very clear messages that Australian businesses were largely unprepared for supply chain disruptions. The tragic consequences of Covid brought devastation to many with some of us personally losing friends and loved ones to the virus.

The impact was more profound in the industrial sector due to the high degree of bespoke product sourced from overseas, particularly from China and the challenges posed by lower freight capacity. The political tensions between the US and China also created a perception of antagonisms as tit-for-tat barbs were exchanged and amplified over the media.

About one-third of Australia’s steel needs are imported, with the rest supplied by local manufacturers such as BlueScope and InfraBuild. Large volumes of the 1.6 to 2 million tonnes of imported steel come from Chinese mills (M Smith, 16th August 2021 “China’s steel curbs to hit Australian construction” Australian Financial Review).

For a large number of Australian businesses who already import from China, the current travel restrictions have also compounded travel to their own suppliers’ factories reducing oversight and critical person-to-person relationships valuable in fostering heathy business relationships and monitoring quality.

SourceWorxs provides this avenue where we work essentially as an extended part of your business based in China – by being an extension of your in-country purchasing department. We can attend to a very broad range of on-the-ground matters, representing your interest in China – in-person and with the requisite skills necessary across any reliable supply chain.

If you are a Purchasing Manager, we can help reduce your costs, improve reliability of supply and improve quality by being accessible from either our Sydney or any of our China offices.

This model means that you are not burdened by the overheads, the need to manage foreign staff, language / cultural issues while having access to competent and qualified engineers at lower cost. There is also the reduced need for you to travel to China – a significant savings from both a cost and time perspective, freeing more time for you to focus on your business operations here in Australia.

It’s that simple.

Oddly enough, we’ve not found the political tensions between the US and China to have adversely affected our business. Our US customers appear to be completely unfazed by the recent events over the past several years which would suggest that our business and personal relationships continue to remain as strong as before.

I’ve had quiet discussions with our existing clients here in Australia and was pleasantly surprised that no one has so far withdrawn work simply because we worked with Chinese manufacturers. The opposite has happened as our clients continue to strive to remain competitive across the different industries they operate in.