Why use a specialist China procurement agent ?

We save you money!

– Chances are you already buy building materials manufactured in China. Why buy from a series of re-sellers when you can buy from factory direct?
-Enhance your bids by getting ahead of the competition!

We have huge access to China building material suppliers

– We know who the good manufacturers are
– If you’ve never manufactured in China before or don’t speak Mandarin,we can help guide you in selecting the best supplier for you

Stay on schedule

– Track better control of your supply chain management through production monitoring and quality control inspections
– Our in-country inspection teams work as an extension of your procurement, engineering and QA departments in China

Quality Assurance checks?

– Local teams in close proximity with manufacturers
– Reduced need for you to spend time and money undertaking QA checks
– Announced & unannounced factory audits

Manage Independent Test Agencies

– Product tested in compliance to suitable standards which may include Australian Standards is necessary and needs to be independently managed and supervised
– We help ensure that test agencies are qualified & competent to undertake testing as required

Co-ordinate Deliveries

– We help Builders co-ordinate deliveries in-step with your project
– This includes co-ordinating packing of containers with products from multiple suppliers.
– Provide feedback to Builders if payment should be paid once packaging is done properly and inspections completed

Work with Architects

– Australian teams work with your architects & designers to source the products they want
– Includes China bespoke manufacturing & product development
– We work with Photoshop, Revit, 3DMAX, CAD and Solidworks.

What types of China building materials do builders source?

Double glazed windows to meet insulation and council requirements. Costs are determined by range, grade, quality levels and quantities.

Fire door manufacture in China. Quantities, sizes, styles and grades to be determined and specified.

Stainless steel fittings for bathrooms such as shower grates designs to be specified by architects.

Bike rack numbers to be determined and space allocated.

Design and number of lighting bollards to be included into landscaping package.

Roofing batons located on the underside of canopies to be designed and sized.