Shipping and Packaging Supervision

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At SourceWorxs, we conduct pre-shipment inspections for each and every batch. Final payment to the supplier is dependent on this quality control point. A pre-shipment inspection will typically comprise of the following:

a.Inspection of products before they are individually packed. This means that defects or non-compliance can be detected and rectified without packaging being in the way to obscure inspection. It rarely gets to this stage as we would have already conducted a series of prior checks before getting to this stage.

b.Inspection after packaging to ensure that packaging is done correctly and properly.

c.Inspection of crates and pallets.

A member of our team in China generally conducts the inspection so we are sure it is objective. On rare occasions we may use trusted external partners due to the need to rely on specific technical requirements or factory location. Detailed reports, including photographs, are provided to the Australian client for acceptance and sign off.

Significant quality issues are rare at this late stage, thanks to the checks in our earlier processes. If there is a problem, we work with you to resolve it in the best way for you. You may want the product reworked, or we may negotiate a discount.

The best evidence for our quality control is the large number of customers who continue to use us for all their sourcing projects.

A member of our team will continue to remain at the supplier’s premises until all products are packed into the container, fumigated and when the container door closes.

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